West Chester Soccer Club           Referee Information

Web Site:  www.wcsoccer.org\referees.htm


Referee Coordinators:                        Jim Bolte (Scheduling)                        wcref@fuse.net                        Home: 777-0831  

                                                                                                                                                Cell: 608-7081

                        Julie Whelan (Evaluation)                        jwhelan@cinci.rr.com                        Cell: 241-1908




We use email to schedule games, using the following procedures:


7-10 days prior, future game schedules will be posted on the web site and an email sent out.  Please review the schedule and email me your availability by the specified deadline.


Provide your availability, preferably for specific games, or if absolutely true, a general statement such as, “Any Passers/Wings game before noon on Saturday Sep. 13.”  Referees must make sure that you do not have other commitments (soccer games, school/church functions, etc.) before requesting games.  Also, make sure that you do not request games in which siblings are playing, as this creates unnecessary conflicts of interest.  Younger referees should check with their transportation providers to make sure you are available prior to requesting games.  Always provide the level (Passers, Wings, etc.) that you want.  I will try to accommodate your preferences, however, the Referee Coordinators have full discretion to assign games, as they deem appropriate. 


Schedules will be posted as soon as possible, usually by Wednesday evening, for the following week.  Any remaining open games can be requested at this time, even if you already have been assigned games.  IT IS THE REFEREES’ RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR THEIR GAME ASSIGNMENTS.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE INDIVIDUAL EMAILS FOR ASSIGNED GAMES.



LAST MINUTE SPECIALS  - No matter how hard we try to schedule games ahead of time, cancellations, rescheduled games and other things happen to create openings at the last minute. These games will be listed on the web page under the Last Minute Specials heading and emails will be sent out.  Check this list and email Mr. Bolte if you are available and want to pick up additional assignments.


Contact Jim Bolte immediately if you are unable to keep your commitment for a scheduled game.  You should attempt to find a qualified replacement whenever possible.  Contact Mr. Bolte via email if 3 or more days prior to game, by phone otherwise.  Use my cell phone number on Saturdays.


Expectations / Evaluation

Arrive early, with all equipment - whistle, watch, red/yellow cards, pen/pencil, appropriate referee attire

      Know the rules                

      Use your whistle – let the players, coaches and parents hear it when you make a call.

      Hustle – you are being paid for your knowledge and ability.  Demonstrate your value by being in position to make the correct call.

      Give your best effort to make the game safe, fair and fun.


Game Logistics

      Arrive 15 minutes ahead of game time

      Pick up scorecards at concession stand – check field assignments

      Go to assigned field - Inspect field, nets.  If there are holes or other field issues, report to the concession stand or find Mr. Bolte or Mrs. Whelan.

      Clear the parent’s sideline.  Chairs should be 2 yards back from the sideline.

      Collect ref fees from home coach.  It is appropriate to not start the game without payment.

      Inspect players - NO Casts/Earrings, no toe cleats, metal spikes are now allowed

      At the end of the game, have coaches sign scorecard.

      Return scorecards to box at the concession stand.  On weeknights, if the box is not out, slip the cards in the slot between the upper & lower doors.



Fee Schedule

Passers - $13     Wings - $17     Strikers - $20     Kickers - $25     Minors/Seniors - $35

WCSC Referee Scheduling – QUICK REFERENCE


Scheduler: Jim Bolte                       Phone:  777-0831

Email:  wcref@fuse.net          Cell Ph:  608-7081

Web site:  www.wcsoccer.org\referees.htm

·       Schedules are posted on the web site 7-10 days in advance.  An email will be sent to all to notify you when a new schedule is posted.

·       You will have several days to email Mr. Bolte with your availability and preferences. 

·       Game assignments are made considering experience, evaluations, dependability, pairings and order of response.  All referees are provided a fair opportunity to receive assignments.

·       Referees should check the web site to get their game assignments.  An email will be sent to all refs to notify you that assignments are posted, but IT IS EACH REFEREE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK FOR HIS OR HER GAME ASSIGNMENTS.

·       Referees should re-check the schedule the day before their game to verify the field assignments.  Occasionally, assignments are rearranged after the initial posting.


DO’s & DON’Ts

·        DO make sure that you are really available before requesting games.  Remember that you have other school, church and athletic team commitments.

·        DO take responsibility for requesting and checking game assignments.  Personal responsibility is expected and required of each referee.  Your parents have enough responsibilities of their own to worry about.

·        DO make sure that your emails to me are CLEAR and CONCISE.  Please include the date and time of games that you refer to in the email, as well as your name.  With so many games and refs to keep track of, I can’t always remember who Chipmunk_Sized_SocR_LuvR@Yahoo.com is.

·        DO arrive at the games at least 15 minutes prior to kickoff.

·        DON’T forget the required tools – watch, whistle, pen/pencil, etc.  DO keep your referee equipment in a backpack or bag so that you are always ready to pick it up and go to the field.

·        DO remember that you’re working as a referee team.  Help your partner to succeed.  Consult when necessary.  Discretely advise them of errors or ways to improve.

·        DON’T FORGET about Last Minute Specials.  Check the web site for available games.

·        DO remember to keep the games SAFE, FAIR and FUN.