WCSC Referee Scheduling – QUICK REFERENCE

Scheduler: Jim Bolte     Email: jimbolte@fuse.net                  Phone:  777-0831


       Schedules are posted about 2 weeks in advance.  An email will be sent to all to notify you when a new schedule is posted.

       You will have several days to email Mr. Bolte with your availability and preferences. 

       Game assignments are made considering experience, evaluations, dependability, pairings and order of response.  All referees are provided a fair opportunity to receive assignments.

       Referees should check the web site to get their game assignments.  An email will be sent to all refs to notify you that assignments are posted, but IT IS EACH REFEREE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK FOR HIS OR HER GAME ASSIGNMENTS.

       Referees should re-check the schedule the day before their game to verify the field assignments.  Occasionally, I rearrange assignments after the initial posting to create better pairings.


DO’s & DON’Ts

             DO make sure that you are really available before requesting games.  Remember that you have other school,   church and athletic team commitments.

        DO check for your assigned games on the web site.

        DO make sure that your emails to me are CLEAR and CONCISE.  Please include the date and time of games that you refer to in the email, as well as your name.  With so many games and refs to keep track of, I can’t always remember who ChipmunkSizedSocR_LuvR@Yahoo.com is.

        DO take responsibility for requesting and checking game assignments.  Refereeing is a responsible job – Responsibility is required.  Your parents have enough responsibilities of their own to worry about.

        DO arrive at the games at least 15 minutes prior to kickoff.

        DON’T forget the required tools – watch, whistle, pen/pencil, etc.  DO keep your referee equipment in a backpack or bag so that you are always ready to pick it up and go to the field.

        DON’T FORGET about Last Minute Specials.  Check the web site for available games.

        DO remember to keep the games SAFE, FAIR and FUN.