West Chester Soccer Club!   Our Mission ... The West Chester Soccer Club brings SAY sanctioned recreational youth soccer to the families of West Chester, Ohio. Our goal is to provide the highest quality recreational soccer program in the Southeastern Butler County, Ohio/Lakota School District area. 

WCSC is the elite recreational soccer experience!

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Upcoming dates for Spring 2014 Season at WCSC!

4/7 – 5/17 – 2014 Spring Season

4/26 - Picture Day


Teams are almost full for Spring 2014!


Space is limited – we have openings for High School aged BOYS players:  Boys Minors and Boys Seniors ONLY!

Email me to get link to register for these divisions!


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Referee Classes

Our referee classes will be held before the 2014 Fall Season. 

Please check back for more details.


More Stuff to Know!


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Coaches mail to:  WCSC PO Box 1880, West Chester 45071


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Players, Parents, Coaches, and Visitors




Ample parking will be available at Hopewell Junior, Hopewell Elementary, and the grass lot off of Barrett Road. There will be no parking available in the small lot on the north side of the elementary school (next to the church). The Faith United church parking lot is restricted. Only coaches and referees with parking permits may park there.




The addition of the connector road from the junior school to the elementary school has created a huge safety problem for all of us. While it may seem convenient to snag a parking spot so close to the fields, that convenience comes with a price.


On any given Saturday, we will see over two thousand parents and children walking across and along this road from the junior school and elementary school parking lots. The potential for a child to be struck along this roadway is very high. If you opt to park along this road tomorrow, please keep your speed under 10mph and yield to any and all pedestrians.


Be especially careful at the midway point where there is an entrance to the playground and concession stand. Parents, if you see someone speeding or driving in a reckless manner, do not hesitate to write down plate numbers and forward them to me. I will report them to the police. I am pursuing the option to close off the connector road on Saturdays, but have not received permission yet to do so.


Your WCSC Team 


Wonder if your game is on? 

Call 777-1325

Rain-out info updated by 5pm week nights and 8am on weekends or as needed.  Visiting a location?  Call the home coach or refer to the rainout info on the schedule!



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Updated as needed or by 5pm weeknights, 8am Saturdays or 1130am Sundays

or as changes occur.


West Chester Soccer Complex at Hopewell is used for club scheduled games ONLY


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West Chester Soccer Complex are for club scheduled games and events ONLY!


WCSC Academy


Open to registered WCSC Players that want a more competitive soccer experience. 

Get more details from your coach for the season!


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Safety Reminder!

No jewelry! No casts! No toe cleats! 

No band-aid covered earrings!

NO gauges!

No eyebrow, belly, cartilage or belly jewelry!

No hard hair barrettes or beads!

 SAY National policy for the safety of your child!  Applies for boys & girls.




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No scores or standings for Happy Feet or Passers  Have FUN!



Practice Fields Available!!


Keehner Park, Beckett Park and VOA have space available – no reservation needed – share the space with other WCSC teams!


HyCrest Swim Club has practice fields with goals available! Rental for the entire season is $50 for each hour of practice time reserved! Example 5-6pm on Fridays would be $50 for the season.

For more info contact:  Jen Abel:  jensedutoys@yahoo.com



Tie-Breakers Situations


Fall – play-out for tournament bids


WCSC In-House and Say North travel divisions will follow the Spring SAY North tie breaker rules, which are as follows:  (Good luck to all)


Tie-Break Determination:


Spring Tie-Breaker - All Divisions


1.       Most Wins

2.      Head to Head

3.      Greatest Goal Differential

(Max goals per game is 4)

4.      Least goals allowed

5.       Coin Flip



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Click for Pet Policy:  Please, no pets at the fields!


Click for Parking – Where to Park?          


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Click for WCSC guidelines for weather / lightening


 Click for:  Safety Reminder!


WCSC is elite recreational soccer!


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