Welcome Coaches to Youth Soccer!  Thanks for stepping forward to make this a fun, learning experience for the kids.  We'll try to use this web page as a way to communicate important information regarding the upcoming season as well as information that is of general interest to you as a youth soccer coach.


Thanks for coaching!

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Referee fees: The HOME coach is responsible for the referee fees for BOTH (ALL) referees. Please pay them the exact amount before the start of the game. Home teams are also responsible for colors if there is a uniform color conflict. If you need to borrow scrimmage vests for your game please send a parent or player to the concession stand for a bag of vests and return them immediately following your game. The HOME coach is responsible for providing a game ball as well.



Soccer Code of Ethics

Principles of Conduct


  1. My first responsibility is the health and safety of all participants.
  2. It is recommended that coaches become certified in the basic first aid and are aware of their club, league or state requirements in this area.
  3. Be prepared to handle first aid situations as well as medical emergencies at all practices and games, both home and away:
  4. Know and understand the Laws of the Game
  5. Inspect players equipment and field conditions for safety reason
  6. Utilize proper teaching and instructing of players regarding safe techniques and methods of play
  7. Implement appropriate training programs to make sure players are fit for practice and competition.
  8. Supervise and control your players so as to avoid injury situations.

Player Development

  1. Develop the child's appreciation of the game.
  2. Keep winning and losing in proper perspective
  3. Be sensitive to each child's development needs.
  4. Educate the players to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game for their level.
  5. Implement rules and equipment modification according to the players age group.
  6. Allow players to experience all positions.
  7. Players need to have fun and receive positive feedback.
  8. Practice should be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.
  9. Provide the appropriate number of training sessions and games according to the player's stage of development.
  10. Strive to help each player reach his or her full potential and be prepared to move to the next stage of development.


  1. Strive to maintain integrity within our sport.
  2. Know and follow all rules and policies set forth by clubs, leagues, state, and national associations.
  3. Work in the spirit of cooperation with officials, administrators, coaches and spectators to provide the participants with the maximum opportunity to develop.
  4. Be a positive role model
  5. Set the standard for sportsmanship with opponents, refereed, administrators and spectators.
  6. Keep sort in proper perspective with education.
  7. Encourage moral and social responsibility
  8. Just say no to drugs and alcohol.
  9. Coaches should continue their own education in the sport.


What can YOU do to make the game of soccer more enjoyable for the players and easier for the referee to manage? 

  1. Take a course on the Laws.
  2. Be accepting of the referee's decisions.
  3. Remain calm. 
  4. Do not make loud, offensive remarks.
  5.  Concentrate on coaching, rather than on the accuracy of referee's decisions. 
  6. Be a role model of fair play. 
  7. Be positive; avoid confrontation with any official during games, leave the decisions to the players.
  8.  Attend coaching classes to learn the most effective ways to conduct practices. 
  9. Give good guidelines to parents. 
  10. Set high standards. 
  11. Be firm with parents at games. 
  12. Teach skills and fair tactics. 
  13. Discourage unfair gamesmanship. 
  14. Communicate with parents often in meetings and social gatherings. 
  15. Play the game and encourage parents to play and to referee. 
  16. Referee games.
  17. Delegate responsibilities.

Any Rule Changes

Rain-Outs and Rescheduling Games

         Coaches are not permitted to cancel a game. Cancellations come at the discretion of the club officials.

  Please contact WCSC with any questions.

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  Reschedules: How to request a reschedule sorry - not all requests will be approved!

State License Clinics

The Ohio South Youth Soccer Association offers a number of State License Clinics throughout the year.  These clinics are an excellent way to increase your knowledge of the game.  Information regarding the clinics can be found at