We are glad that your child/children has/have decided to play recreational soccer. Along with the coaches, the members of the West Chester Soccer Board will do everything we can do make sure they have a safe, fun experience this season. If at any time during the season you have questions, issues, or concerns, we encourage you to bring these to the attention of your childís coach or a club coordinator.


  • Teach and emphasize principles of good sportsmanship, fair play, and team work
  • Introduce players to the game of soccer and teach the fundamental skills required to enable to meet the physical and psychological demands of the game
  • Teach Respect for the game and all who participate in it - Coaches, Referees, Teammates, etc.
  • Make the game a safe, fun experience so that children will continue to play the game
  • Have lots and lots of fun!

Equipment Needs

Your child will need the following equipment to play soccer:

  • Soccer Shoes - Note: Please make sure that your soccer shoes do not have a front toe cleat. Soccer cleats and other soccer equipment can be purchased at area soccer and sporting good stores such as Soccer Village, Soccer CSI, Kohlís, Play It Again Sports, Dick Sporting Goods, and other area stores.
    • Toe cleats (often found on football shoes) are illegal and the Referee will not let your son or daughter play with them.Be sure you are purchasing
  • Soccer Ball
    • U6 (Instructional) and U8 (Passers) - Size 3
    • U10 (Wings)and U12 (Strikers) - Size 4
    • U14 and Up (Kickers, Minors, Seniors) - Size 5
  • Shin guards - Commercially manufactured shin guards are required
  • Water Bottle

General Information

  • When - There are two seasons of soccer each year, Spring and Fall. Games are played on Saturday and there are usually a few weekday games scheduled during the season. There are an equal number of home and away games.
    • Spring Soccer - The Spring runs from about mid-March until the first week of June. The season consists of eight regular season games.†† Practices can start as soon as weather permits and coaches receive rosters (usually late February)
      • Practices - are normally held two nights a week but please confirm exact practice time/locations with your child's coach. Practices normally last between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the coach.
    • Fall Soccer - the Fall season runs from mid-August until the last weekend of October. The season consists of ten regular season games. There are Fall tournaments that run to the weekend before Thanksgiving should your team qualify and continue to win.
      • Practices - are normally held two nights a week but please confirm exact practice time/locations with your child's coach. Practices normally last between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the coach.


  • Who

WSC Recreational soccer is open to boys and girls who live in the Lakota School District ages 5-18. Soccer teams are organized by division and age based on SAY National rules with divisions broken out as follows:

      • Instructional (U6)
      • Passers (U8)
      • Wings (U10)
      • Strikers (U12)
      • Kickers (U14)
      • Minors (U16)
      • Seniors (U19)


    • Teams are formed via random draw conducted by the league with each team balanced by age group.
    • Games are played against surrounding communities (Lakota, Loveland, Milford, Kings, etc.) that belong to the SAY North league
    • Coaches are volunteer parents - normally there are 2-3 coaches per team. To become a coach, simply indicate your desire to be a coach or assistant coach on the registration form at soccer signups - we can usually use coaches at every level - the rewards are many!
    • Code of Conduct:Please remember that by registering a player(s) you have agreed to the WCSC Parent and Player Code of Conduct.
    • Every player MUST play at least half the game (2 periods)
    • Boys and girls play separately (Instructional teams are coed, and occasionally Boys Seniors teams are sprinkled with a few girls)


  • Where
    • Home games are played at West Chester Soccer Fields at Hopewell Elementary School on Cox Road.


  • Please
    • Pets are discouraged from attending games.
    • Many people (adults included) are afraid.
    • They are a distraction for young players.
    • Pets could be injured by a kicked ball or a player running to get a ball or when the pet gets loose and when the pup runs on to the field during the game.
    • We have found that many adults do not take a moment to clean-up after the animal and then the pile of poop is there for others to step in
    • Pets are banned from most parks / fields in the SAY North League 



Requests for refunds must be in writing to the West Chester Soccer Club.


Refunds will only be issued following the criteria below:

Valid Requests:

        Medical reasons (player only) must include doctorís letter and phone number for verification.

        Moving out of district before the start of the season (before uniforms are distributed)

Examples of Invalid Requests:

        Body Piercing(ear, tongue, belly, cartilage, nose, etc

        Select soccer or high school team appointment

        Dissatisfaction with coach/team placement/practice day or time