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Referee FAQ’s

Referee Coordinators:    Jim Bolte - U8 - U18 Referee Scheduling

                                      Shelly Krisfalusi:  Scheduling and Mentoring

                                    Andrew Boehner - Instructional Referee Scheduling


Announcement:  We are moving our referee training to the 2014 fall season.  Please check back for more details.

Arbiter Sports Assignment System

WCSC will be again be using ArbiterSports.com, a web-based game assignment system.   Each referee must have a login id to access this system. Information on the system will be provided during the training classes.

The ArbiterSports system can be accessed at www.arbitersports.com



 Need help using Arbiter.com? Use these help files:

 (Help files may not appear correctly in Mozilla brower, please use Internet Explorer to view )


First Sign-In / Setup


Blocking Dates on Your Calendar


Game Selection and Assignments



      2014 Fee Schedule       (per game)

Instructional (U6)

$ 10

Passers (U8)

$ 13

Wings (U10)

$ 17

Strikers (U12)

$ 20

Kickers (U14)

$ 25

Minors (U16)

$ 35

Seniors (U18)

$ 35



Current SAY and USSF Referees : 

If you are a qualified/certified  SAY or USSF referee and would like to join WCSC, please contact Jim Bolte at  WCRef@fuse.net.