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Times Two

Times Two Policy

Coaches and Parents! All Areas to Implement "Times Two" program. Implementation Date: Immediately All Areas will assign no less than two adults (suggested as unrelated), per team, to be present at all team functions such as games, practices, picnics, etc. No Exceptions!    Click here for Say National Directive regarding Times Two NOTE:

  1. The adults assigned can be a combination of coaches, parents, board members, etc.
  2. While the focus of this policy is the child it also provides protection for the volunteers in case of misunderstandings.
  3. It is important that your area review your policy on car-pooling. SAY national has for a long time recommended that volunteers not provide transportation for non-family members. This was more of an insurance issue but now has implications in regards to the intent of the "Times Two" policy. IMPORTANT! Failure to implement the "Times Two" program may adversely impact your club's / area's liability insurance.

For the good of the game, PLEASE:

  • Applaud superior play by both teams
  • Do not address remarks to referees, opposing players or opposing fans.  This does not apply where remarks are genuine and encouraging.
  • Avoid remarks toward players when they make mistakes.  (We all make mistakes!)  If you are aware of the error, rest assured that the player is also aware of his / her mistake.
  • Give consistent support to coaches, players and referees whether your team is winning or losing.  The coaches are giving many, many hours of time and are committed to their own continued improvement as a coach.  In winning, they deserve your congratulations and in losing they deserve your encouragement and support.
  • Avoid comments and gestures that express disagreement with referee calls.  Prolonged remarks or abrasive disagreement with the referee calls may result in a cardable offense - chargeable to your team's coaches.  Never use foul language.
  • Always sit or stand at least 3 yards from the playing field's touch line - and always on the spectator's side.  Never interfere with the coaches or players unless requested.
  • Please cooperate with any referee or coach's request

Code of Conduct (from US Youth Soccer)

PARENTS: What can parents do to make the game of soccer more enjoyable for their children.. and other people's kids, too?   

Learn the game

Enjoy the game Be knowledgeable of the game.

Encourage fair play at home.

Be supportive

Attend games and practices

Be positive or quiet at games

Be respectful; expect your own children to be respectful

Focus on good nutrition

Volunteer to help the coach.

Play the game of soccer

Support the coach's and referee's decisions

Encourage communication between coach and parent.

Watch practices; focus on new strategies

Find soccer videos, watch them with children

Concentrate on praising other people's children during games

Ask your own children to describe his/her role, what new skills have been learned

Read newspaper articles about older soccer player's successes; provide models for your own children

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