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Spring 2023 Field Map:  click  Cheering Fans:  Click here

2023 Fall Super Saturday Scrimmage Schedule:  Click

2023 weeknight scrimmages for 8/21 - 25:  coming soon

Happy Feet and Passers schedule: coming soon

  • Happy Feet and Passers – we don’t record scores or standings – players and parent should focus on skill development not scores. 
  • Please don't run up the score - it's not fun for anyone!

Wings & Strikers   click here                                         Kickers, Minors & Seniors:  coming soon
    directions to fields or standings - please visit:

Picture Day is September 16 - schedule coming soon!

Reschedule Procedure:  Click here                                         Red & Yellow Card Disciplinary Actions:  Click here

 SAY North Shoot Out form

Wings, Strikers, Kickers, Minors and Seniors Schedule: can also be found at

 If you travel to other clubs to play, your team plays in the SAY North League.  Scores are entered as we receive the score cards from the referees.  If you have played a game and the score has not been recorded for 7 days – I am happy to enter it – please email me at [email protected]

  • To check Scores and Standings for the SAY North League go to and click on standings, next use the drop  down menu to check your team’s scores/standings.  Division info is on the schedule.
  • Don’t Run Up the Score – it’s no fun for either team

 The SAY Motto is "Kids Having Fun." It is also important for players to develop skills while having fun. When a game's score becomes too lopsided, it is not benefiting either team. The team that is losing by that large of a margin will usually become discouraged and not play to their potential. They are definitely not having fun. The team that is winning finds it easier and easier to score because the other team is discouraged. 

•A pass back to a midfielder must be made before scoring.
•All forwards must touch the ball before scoring.
•A score can only be made from a cross from outside the outer edge of the penalty box or 'x' yards away from the goal.
•Ask to see a specific play or a specific move from one or more players. 
•Have the player shoot with the opposite foot or only on a head ball


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